Watch: Junglepussy’s “Me”

Artistic. Lyrical. Witty. All three words are what describes Junglepussy’s outlandish music video for “Me”. What better way is there to open a music video with an interview of the 22-year-old powerhouse, where she is asked about the choice of her name. The best response she gave were names of prominent male figures named Dick. Besides, what sounds better than a name with Pussy in it?


Not only does Junglepussy exemplify somewhat of a “new age” sexiness throughout the video, she is also not afraid to let her guard down and show you her true self. “Looking good without a weave. Let me be as the sea. Can I flow, can I go to the corner store in a pink robe?”

“Me” is apart of Junglepussy’s new album, Satisfaction Guaranteed, which is available for free on her website. Watch the video above.

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Written by Manny King John

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