Watch: GoGo Morrow’s “Like A Trap Boy”

GoGo Morrow is as fierce and stylish as ever in her new, “Like A Trap Boy” music video. If you are not familiar with GoGo Morrow, at first glance you might think she is a rapper, but her vocals will quickly change your mindset. In the beginning of the music video, she is seen in a dark-lit area, giving a fiery slow strut which is also captured in the end of the video. Her light green highlights and cheetah shoe prints demonstrate her fashion-forward character, but she is also a leader in the lyricism department.

GoGo Morrow's "Like A Trap Boy" cover art

The video is filled with bikes and fast cars, and incredible stunts. Although, Ms. Morrow doesn’t ride any bikes in the video, she impresses her viewers with her killer dance moves, while singing about her love for Trap Boys. Whether rocking a baggy outfit or showing skin, her attitude and sex appeal dominates the video. If you love Trap boys like GoGo Morrow, the song and video will be perfect for you.

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