Watch: Gipp’s “Beautiful Lover” featuring Eric Benét

We are introduced to “Beautiful Lover,” a gigolo service ran by Big Gipp and Eric Benét. Gipp [is] talking that pimp shit while Eric Benét offers that Joe / Friend Zone type of love. Yes, this video has a narrative and is reminiscent of Deuce Bigalow. We see the duo engaging with a plethora of clients, ranging from models to old ladies. The visuals were warm and fun-loving.


The song is airy and light with an underlying funky guitar riffs in the nook of the beat. Gipp sounds at home on the track. The barefoot crooner assists with the chorus. Both veterans sound youthful and vibrant. It is a 75-degree day on record. Who wouldn’t want that? With both artists at different ends of the spectrum, I thought one would dominate the other; it worked. “Beautiful Lover” is set to appear on Gipp’s upcoming album, “Zagga.”


Written by Manny King John

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