Watch: Fabolous’ “Lituation”

Fabolous’ new video for “Lituation” from The Young OG Project is definitely a step in the right direction. This project is clearly an ode to the 90’s, the era where most New York rappers were at their peak of popularity. This is a great way for Fabolous to re-introduce himself to an entire generation of youngsters, and a way to please loyal fans who lust for the nostalgic sounds that were popular way back when. The plus here is, the music is tight and not lacking in any way. Fab delivers his verses with smooth precision, which comes as no surprise. Although the skits leave you wondering when the acting classes will begin, because it is 2015, and rappers are taking acting classes – and fixing their teeth nowadays but I digress. As a whole, the video as a whole is really good, and convincing of the time period. In short, yes, our subways still look like that, and yes Fab still has skills!


We are looking forward to what else he has in store, all the while still wishing he would join us in the 21st century, after revisiting the 90’s of course.

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Written by Manny King John

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