Watch: Dem Boyz From The Wood’s “Mitch”

Dem Boyz From The Wood

Call it biased. Call it love. Call it favorable mentions, but at this moment, no one else can write about Dem Boyz From The Wood like I can. I’ve known them for quite some time, and watching them grow into the young men they ought to be, is a blessing in itself. Based on conversations with my peers, we’re all aspiring to be “something” and live out our dreams, and “Mitch” is a song that clearly defines what tends to happen to many people, who “make it” in this (entertainment) business. To keep this short, and to best describe what you’re about to experience: They’re ain’t no business like show business. Stay tuned for more from the Woodhaven, Queens group and see them live at BXC Music Festival next week.

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