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Watch: Bryson Tiller’s “Sorry Not Sorry”

As Bryson Tiller’s debut album T R A P S O U L circulates this Fall, a new visual dropped for “Sorry Not Sorry.” Sampling Street Fighter, production from Timbaland and Milli Beatz bring back retro vibes. The direction of “Sorry Not Sorry” is shot similar to analogue formats. Walking through familiar stomping grounds, the essence of that raw environment is captured. With his hometown Louisville as the backdrop, a darker side of Soul is examined. Tones of red, blue, green, and brown draw out the narrative.

Bryson Tiller details honest experiences and battles of acceptance, once fame is present. Lyrically, a monologue delivers the highs and lows of success. The journey leading to the dream can be overshadowed by the destination. I’m loving the music and support this rise of his talent.

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