Watch: Bless Escro’s “Fluffy Owls”

Still fresh from his Parque Leimert Vietnam mixtape, Bless Escro recently released a video for his new song “Fluffy Owls”. Representing Leimert Park, California, you might be impressed with his style and delivery. Escro does not have the sound of a West Coast rapper nor does his song sound like it’s from the West. Escro’s flow is certainly inspired by early Hip-Hop from New York City. This video definitely shows the hard, grit and lyricism from Escro. The song is split off into two parts; Escro kicks the first part off with a laid back verse but shows ruggedness in its other half. With a delivery that may remind listeners of a young Buckshot from Duck Down and a confident demeanor, Hip-Hop heads should not be disappointed. It’s safe to say he’s what’s missing from the game right now.

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