Watch: Björk’s “Black Lake”

Back in February, Björk dropped a beautiful piece of work titled Vulnicura. Notorious for her theatric fashions, this new record mirrors vulnerability more than anything. After exhibited at the MoMA in New York, stills from “Black Lake” was part of many visuals on display. Shot in Iceland, Director Andrew Thomas Huang releases layers of the artist in a distraught space. Shot as a 10 minute film, various emotions are replicated by weather.


A detailed description of the video listed via YouTube states:

The film includes motifs from the Icelandic landscape—caves, ravines, lava, and moss fields—and reflects ideas of pain, perishing, and rebirth. “Black Lake” was realized in collaboration with the 3-D design firm Autodesk, who worked along with David Benjamin and the living on the installation at MoMA.

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