Watch: Adi Ulmansky’s “Was It You” featuring Borgore

Adi Ulmansky

From Tel Aviv to London, the mermaid-haired singer-songwriter and producer Adi Ulmansky has been in the game for a bit. Ulmansky has worked with EDM producer and DJ, Borgore on several different occasions while also being in her band, Lorena B. With seven years of experience under her belt, It is safe to say that Adi Ulmansky is quite seasoned in the music industry. In 2013, Ulmansky released her debut solo mixtape, ‘Shit Just Got Real’ then following in that same year, she released her debut solo EP ‘Hurricane Girl’ which features the smashing hit “Was it You” which features Borgore.

Since the sassy siren has been, and still is, focusing more on her solo career, Ulmansky has received a various amount of coverage from the media. The well-known international magazine Vice has coverage on the singer as well as coverage from the ASOS blog, Topshop’s Inside-Out blog, and plenty other media outlets. Let’s not forget to mention that Ulmansky has received a lot of attention from her country as well. There are Israeli features of Ulmansky in Yedioth Ahronoth, Haaretz, and other leading local Israeli news outlets. A various amount of people are catching onto the high-pitched and unique sounds from this artist, which is astounding nonetheless.

Moving along to the song, like previously stated, “Was It You” is just one of six tracks from Ulmansky’s solo debut EP ‘Hurricane Girl’. Although the lyrics are a tad bit “basic”, it still gets its point across with the melodies and the somewhat unsure feeling Ulmansky expresses while she asks “Was it you?” While reading the lyrics, one would think at some point the connection between two failing, or failed lovers, has come to a halt. While trying to gain a bit of closure from the other mate as to whose fault it was, but still trying to keep as composed as possible.

Let’s not leave out the art direction of the video. As soon as it starts, you already know the video is not a boring one. As shown, there are people made of funky pixels and transparent blocks that I can hardly describe. Basically, the video was eye-catching with its surrealism.

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Written by Manny King John

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