Watch: Wash’s “Can’t Trust Thots” featuring French Montana

An anthem (or an anthemic diss) for thots.

Wash featured image for Can't Trust Thots

Nowadays, the most common term that there is to identify a certain type of women, whether in the streets, the club, and even the cyber world is ‘thots’. These particular women have come up in the industry by their hoeish — gold diggin’ ways that many [men] feed into it. However, this upcoming Texan R&B artist Wash recently released the video — “Can’t Trust Thots” featuring French Montana. The music is self-explanatory, having these women in the club trying to be an opportunist with Wash and French Montana. Yet since they cannot trust these thots, they do not seem to play along with their games. Wash shares a real life story that constantly happens at the club. Sadly but true that some women at the club seek for attention, go to these men’s tables for a bottle or two and then dip. With Wash’s new record deal with Interscope, we are sure there will be more hits coming our way.

Favorite Lyrics:

Soon as the liquor start running out
She’ll be creeping to another couch
She’ll leave your ass, never trust a big butt and a smile


Written by Manny King John


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