Wale calls out for smoke with the release of ‘Winter Wars’

Wale wants smoke, he believes he’s way doper than all, and he’s ready to make a ghost of all rappers. With the release of ‘Winter Wars’ it can be said that this conversation can be had. In fact, if fans and haters took the time out to check some of the work Wale put in this year, they’d actually probably feel the same way he feels on this track. He’s still a great rapper, and it looks like he’s realizing that what others think doesn’t really matter. So what is it about Wale that isn’t bringing him into those conversations? The answer seems to be Wale, this track showcases a confident Wale, ready to step in for battle with anyone, braggadociously telling about how great it is to be him. ‘Winter Wars’ is looking like a “glass half full” Wale, a better perspective and understanding of self. He’s accomplished a lot, his life seems to be great on camera, and he produces good music, the more he continues to focus on that, the better things will be. Its winter time and Wale is ready for war, check out ‘Winter Wars’ below:

Written by Manny King John

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