Photo: Eric T. White

Vomitface shares first single from debut album, “Senior Pictures”

Vomitface is exactly what it sounds like.

Photo: Eric T. White

Just premiered over at The FADER, Vomitface share their first single from their debut album titled, “Senior Pictures.” It is the right amount of funny, deadpan and quaint music that I enjoyed listening to when I was a teenager. I know the world has declared Grunge, a dead form of musical expression but it lives on in moments like this.

In an interview with VICE, Jared Micah shared his thoughts on the comparisons music journalists often make, calling them “lazy writers.” I concur but this is what he and other musicians should understand about the comparisons we make.

Either (a) We are writing for an impressionable audience or one that wants to feel nostalgic, resulting in impulsive purchases (good for the compared band) or (b) The musician is heavily influenced by a distinct, popular sound. Thus, we cannot help but notice and report it. Unfortunately, if an artist does not define his/her own style from the start, we cannot decipher what their differences are when there are so many similarities to something that already exists; something that has become the go-to reference (of a specific sound, idea, or narrative) in pop culture.

It is not a bad or malicious thing to sound like Kurt Cobain. When you are making this type of music in 2016, it could be a good thing to be heavily influenced by the popular guitar strumming patterns and musicality that Nirvana are known for. I wouldn’t mind it. I don’t mind it. Actually, I embrace it. Especially if it is a group releasing said music through a Seattle-based label.

Vomitface is a Jersey City trio made up of Jared Micah (lead vocalist and guitarist), Preetma Singh (drummer), and Keller McDivitt (bassist). Their 10-track debut album “Hooray for Me” is now available for pre-order. Pick it up at Help Yourself Records now for $14.99 before its release date in August.


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