Vintage Heartland, a lingerie company inspired by country music

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Lover’s Day continued.

Nowhere near fully thawed from the hard-pressed escapade perfectly packaged and labeled as ‘Agenda Show:Long Beach’, I was hurled back into the swing — of my life. As it always seems, everything was happening so fast and before I knew it, Valentine’s Day was ‘round the corner. As usual, there wasn’t a promise of romance or dalliance in view.

Like previous years with little to no time to waste on any breathing humans, I shared my taxing lover’s day with my tall, dark and handsome husband Work and as the evening carried on, his third-wheeling twin Deadlines prepared dinner for three. (They’ve been so kind to me, so get it twisted and they will cut you.)

Fairly, four days days after this polygamous rendezvous, I received a belated email about undergarments and surprisingly, I wasn’t being backdoored or backed against the wall to “buy 1 pair, get 2 pairs ½ off before midnight” or my fleshy throat would be slit. It was a good feeling, so I agreed and talked to Kate about the inspiration behind Vintage Heartland, alternative hue selections and the main difference(s) between the brand she swears by and its competitors. But before you start reading our short interview, I want you to know that Vintage Heartland is a new lingerie company catering to women all over the world, and it is heavily inspired by the romantic love stories sung in country music. The intimate apparel and lingerie are comfortable and affordable, and you don’t have to know every Angel Mary & The Tennessee Werewolves lyric to buy Vintage Heartland or share the news about the new brand. In fact, because we have grown up together and I know my readership, I brought in a familiar face. Without further ado, take a look at the naturally beautiful Aunjoli Jean-Pierre, my first Cake Girl in Vintage Heartland.

Is there a particular love story that inspired this line?

My love of anything country and vintage! I wanted a line that inspired me, I wanted it to be authentic and have a voice. That is why I took all the elements of what I was passionate about and put them into the brand. Real girls as model-curves and all, hometown values, giving back to the farming community, hiring wounded warriors in our factory being built in Nashville, and sustainable and green products incorporated into our factory and brand.

There aren’t any dark (obsidian, navy) selections. Any particular reason?

Our Patsy group has shades of blues and navy’s.

What’s the difference between your brand and other lingerie brands?

Vintage Heartland is for a young woman who doesn’t want over padded or trashy lingerie. Vintage Heartland is an authentic brand, that believes it is important to make a difference, that family comes first, and beauty is on the inside as well as the out. Our company is a labor of love, run by women, who believe in the same values as our mothers and grandmothers – work hard, be true to yourself, and always lend a helping hand. At Vintage Heartland hometown values are reflected in our image, because we believe that beauty is what you are born with – curves and all. Whether she lives in the country and drives a pickup truck, or she’s city based, a part of the Vintage Heartland woman still belongs to her hometown.

Aunjoli Jean-Pierre

Do you wear Vintage Heartland?

I design and test every piece of lingerie, and as a patternmaker and in the industry for 20 years, I made a brand I could be proud of. You will find my quality, fit and price points to be exceptional.

Aunjoli Jean-Pierre

Where can we buy Vintage Heartland?

On and Linger Lingerie in New Jersey. We will also be in major department stores in May.

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