A Carnivore’s Wet Dream: A review on Village Prime

Images: Courtesy of Village Prime
Images: Courtesy of Village Prime
Photos: Courtesy of Village Prime

On the evening of the faux snow storm, my Editor made reservations at Village Prime. The décor was intimate like an uptown steakhouse but cozy. I walked into an esteemed welcome. My imagination spun the tale that they were closed to the public, per my arrival. All good things do come to an end, as patrons trickled in to escape the brutal New York snow.

After being seated, I started with the lobster bisque and a Prime Collins. Hendricks Gin and cucumber are the automatic cheat code for a damned good drink. The added basil gave it depth. My server, Mo, brought me a bread basket, my favorite french accent, and recommended the tuna tartare. The basket included a rosemary breadstick, onion, plain and raisin rolls.

I hate raisins and wish they would stay the fuck out of my cookies.

However, this raisin roll was for the gods. Each bite had something new to offer. It was sweet, savory and walnuts added a pleasant surprise. I had to physically cut myself off from the basket.


Mo returned with the lobster bisque. The lobster was first plated, and the bisque poured in before me. Thank you Village Prime for not giving me overcooked dregs of lobster! The consistency was perfect and earthy with notes of vanilla. It was a nice contrast to the Snowmagedon that was upon us. Before I knew it, the tuna tartare arrived. It was easily the best thing I had in the last 6 months. Yellow tail tuna, diced ginger & Tobiko caviar on a bed of wakame with three Malanga chips. Each bite unveiled another flavor. The saltiness and spinach like texture of the wakame gave it such a dimension of texture. This dish is your favorite song in a capella.

Appropriately titled the Cowboy Ribeye, this bone-in 20oz beaut was banging. Each bite was just as indulgent as the last; it kept getting juicier as you cut towards the bone. Village Prime popped my dry age cherry. Grilled then placed in the broiler, the crust encapsulated all of that marbled richness. Coupled with the tang of their steak sauce, it was a carnivore’s wet dream.


The Chilean sea bass and the mixed seafood fettuccine called to me. The filet was beautifully seared and plated on Swiss chard. The real intel of the dish was the Worcestershire reduction cutting through the richness of the creme fraiche and potatoes. All of the components of the seafood fettuccini were fresh. The shrimp, scallops, and clams were meticulously cooked. San Marzano tomatoes made the sauce as sweet and dainty as possible allowing the seafood to star on the plate.

Chef Rory has a true respect for ingredients and command for details. He allows them to speak, in this case bellow for themselves. I am stoked to see what Village Prime does in the Spring.

Village Prime is located on Bleecker Street between Grove and Barrow Streets. If you want to make a reservation or you need directions, please call at (212) 72-PRIME.

For more about Village Prime, please visit this link.


Written by Manny King John


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