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Video Premiere: Reve Kalell’s “Feel It”

Photo: Courtesy of the artist


Phil Collins? Check. Dubstep? Check? Cool sneakers? Check. New to the scene, the Denver-based rapper Reve Kalell stuns and confidently addresses lames who try to flex, mental virgins who never let him go deep, and fellow rappers who deliver lackluster performances because they lack passion, all over a durable, sooty dub composition. Reve Kalell talks with Matt Garner about the conception of the music video for “Feel It”, fashion and the culture collision of two popular music genres.

First question: What’s the deal with them glow shoes?

Haha, man. Everybody asks me that. They’re created by Nairad clothing, a company we are in partnership with. My dream was always to make light up shoes and windbreakers the new wave, as weird as that might be.

The visuals to “Feel It” are simple yet mad ill. Can you tell me how it came about, and the vision of your song with the skills of the director Chris Simmons?

I had actually just met Chris a few days before that shoot, so the entire thing was a last minute decision. I just wanted an effect driven video that was colorful, and he took it to a whole new level. We have 5 more videos with him set to come out this Summer.

Normally, the combo of Hip-Hop and EDM makes my ears and mind hurt but the honesty in your cadence made me second guess that thought. How, in your opinion, do the two together make sense?

Well I’m not a huge Hip-Hop fan, so to me it always felt natural. Growing up in Denver, we had a heavy EDM and dubstep influence way before it was nationally recognized. My main goal is making music that people can sit down and dissect, or turn up and zone out.

I can see, hear and believe in what you’re doing. What is your next step, in making the world to see that?

I’m actually the lead vocalist in a band called SkyLaw. Our mission is to make positivity cool again, and take commercial music to the next stage of evolution. We have an EP due out this Summer.

Do you think windbreakers actually break wind?

Maybe a slight breeze.

Much love for your time sir. What’s next on the horizon for you?

GRAMMYs. God willing.


Written by Manny King John

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