Kevin Hussein premieres his first video from upcoming EP, blk.wav.
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Video Premiere: Kevin Hussein’s “Hussein’s Halo”

You’re going to love his flow.

There’s a new rapping, songwriting gold-teeth wearing sheriff in town, and he deems himself Kevin Hussein. We’re sure the last part of his pseudonym denotes to the lyrical terror against his own peers, like the late President of Iraq. Luckily for music connoisseurs and local music digging jockeys who are constantly looking for new talent thriving in New York City, the son of Brooklyn and all around purveyor of New York nightlife good times, emerges from his enclave with a seemingly fresh yet familiar look, sound and visuals for “Hussein’s Halo,” the first single from verbally fluid rapper’s newest EP, blk.wav. It is solitary soul squad-up song that can be appreciated by “dumb outs” and rap snobs alike. Stick-up-kid clad Hussein delivers a soul sermon near a small screen TV, panning in and out of black and white short scenes of the New York City skyline, portraits of ghetto yutes, money shots, mink-coat-dragging and titties.

You’re in for a simple video with a clean aesthetic and sterile backdrop that fuses to the song’s masterful lyrics. Directed by Nick Ace & Rob Soucy with additional footage from Olivia Seally, GrungeCake Magazine presents Kevin Hussein’s “Hussein’s Halo.” Don’t say we didn’t tell you so:

Words by Gia Shakur, edited by Richardine Bartee



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