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Nigeria’s Victony on his career in petroleum engineering, rapping on SoundCloud, and ‘Soweto’ (Interview)

Photo: Courtesy of the publicist

After surviving a near-death experience last year that kept him in a wheelchair, Nigeria’s Victony has recovered and released his highest streaming song, ‘Soweto’ (so far). The short track (2 minutes and 28 minutes), produced by Tempoe, is a hypnotic earworm crafted to make your body move, even in the slightest way, as the artist does in the visual.

Last month, Manny King John interviewed the Imo State-native artist about his recent accomplishments, his start as a rapper, and more. Victony is currently healing from his third and final surgery. According to his doctor’s orders, he needs a two-month break, and the star promised his fans that he would not be stubborn. — Richardine Bartee


GRUNGECAKE: For the ones who don’t know who you are, give us some background info about yourself.

Victony: For those who don’t know me, my name is Victony. I am from Imo State, Nigeria. I’m currently studying for a degree in Petroleum Engineering at the Federal University of Technology Owerri. I started music professionally in 2016. I started off as a rapper on SoundCloud. Where I dropped freestyles and different mixes. In 2020, I put out my first body of work; ‘The Saturn’ EP. I came into the limelight in 2021 when I got featured on ‘Holy Father’ off the ‘Back In Office’ project by Mayorkun.

GRUNGECAKE: What was growing in Nigeria like?

Victony: Growing up in Lagos was an amazing experience. Every place has its struggles. What place doesn’t? I wouldn’t change it for the world. I was born in Imo State but I grew up in Lagos.

GRUNGECAKE: How does it feel to be back on your feet after the mishap last year?

Victony: It feels good to be back but it’s a process. I thank God for life. I look at everything like a blessing in disguise. Even though, I’m currently healing. I have been able to spend time with family, watching movies, playing video games; which has been priceless.

GRUNGECAKE: What are your earliest memories of connecting to music?

Victony: I remember listening to Backstreet Boys. That’s what I last remember.

GRUNGECAKE: What drives you to make music?

Victony: There is such a freeing feeling that comes from expressing yourself through music. Then being able to take care of my family and loved ones using my passion. I can’t think of a better reason.

GRUNGECAKE: What or who can you say influences your style and the way you create music?

Victony: Davido, Wizkid, Drake, and Kendrick Lamar.

GRUNGECAKE: According to the email received from your publicist, you are also a rapper. Talk to me about your past or future with Rap/Hip-Hop. What style of rap do you make? When will we hear it? — Richardine Bartee

Victony: Surprisingly, I didn’t start with Afrobeats. I started my journey as a rapper on SoundCloud. I’ll never say it’s my past because you just never know where life/creation will take you. I don’t know what you call the genre of rap I was doing but I was heavily influenced by people like Kendrick Lamar, and Drake.

GRUNGECAKE: What was the inspiration behind the ‘Soweto’ record? How was it working with Tempoe on this hit?

Victony: The crazy thing is it was just a freestyle. Me and Tempoe were just vibing in the studio and created it. I never imagined that it would be where it is now.

GRUNGECAKE: What should we be expecting from Victony in 2023?

Victony: Be expecting a lot. I have so many surprises for The Outlaws. I’m excited for this year because the next set of records I’m planning to release is an interesting modification of the ‘Outlaw’ EP. It really makes me happy to be bringing my fans and future Outlaw family on my journey.

Written by Manny King John

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