Vic Mensa shares emotional track 10K Problems, confronts incubus

The Chicagoan rapper gets detailed on his new song, discussing addictions, family, and relevancy in the music industry.

Vic Mensa
Photo: Vic Mensa’s Instagram

Vic Mensa, a recording artist from Chicago known for social and political views, just released a new record called, ’10K Problems’. As soon as the track begins, he openly admits to his battle with substance abuse and depression. Then, he goes on to talk about his not-so-kind relationships with women, and the reality of mortality. As with anyone you don’t know, especially when it comes to the lives of public figures, you don’t know every nook and cranny. On the song that comes off as an off-kilter freestyle, he wants us to know that his life isn’t paradise. To be honest, the track is rather dark that uses The Fugee’s classic single, ‘Ready or Not’.

Like many artists often tend to deal with, the rapper seems to feel like a fish out of water, feeling like he needs to shuck and jive to make an impact/be or to remain relevant. I think if you’re running a race or competing with the success of others, you will always feel like whatever you’re doing is not enough. I believe, even in today’s market, everyone can exist in their own right.

Think about it. It’s the reason why the music industry has been able to foster so many new artists in such a short time. Yes, they may all walk to the beat of the same drum, but individuality is prevalent—even if you choose not to see it.

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