Versus Versace and M.I.A.: New Rules Means No Rules

New rules means no rules, equally

The controversial British Sri Lankan recording artist M.I.A. is best known for her culturally captivating and hardcore lyrics over heavy danceable electronic beats. M.I.A.’s feisty and eccentric personality combined with a melting pot of cultural influences continues to leave a lasting impression on music and fashion industry players. Which is why such a notable collaboration with Versus Versace doesn’t come as much of a surprise.

The Versus Versace brand is geared to appeal younger, bold, and trendy consumers and by default, M.I.A is the ambassador of multi-cultural cool. Lyrics from her top-20 hit Paper Planes boasts that absolutely “No one on the corner has swagger like us, hit me on my burner prepaid wireless. We pack and deliver like UPS trucks. Already goin’ hard, just pumping that gas”. Rightfully so, one can only imagine what Versus Versace and M.I.A. intend to deliver to the fashion world.

The concept of counterfeit Versace is a recognizable street trend, and has long been, a soft spot for M.I.A. In general, knock-offs originated from overseas manufacturers looking to sell “designer” goods to underprivileged youngsters who follow fashion but cannot afford the price points. Here’s what M.I.A. thinks of that concept:

M.I.A.’s theme of exposing the counterfeits by creating a collection based on this idea is a genius, tongue-in-cheek concept to market to the masses via Versace’s Versus brand. In M.I.A.’s words to WWD:

[quote]Versace’s designs have always been copied, now it’s Versace that copies the copies, so those that copy must copy the copies. So this will continue.[/quote]

Ideally, M.I.A. has extended the life of a vicious cycle of creativity and is taking no prisoners. Intent on using the creativity from the brash and bold designer bootleggers, M.I.A.’s take on trademark Versace’s logos take on a loud, vintage and gaudy appeal — on purpose. Pieces from the collection and accessories include:

  • Lotus flowers
  • Gold emblems
  • Medallions
  • Stylized Sanskrit lettering
  • This signature collaboration is sure to be both loud and awesome, while garnering many raised eyebrows of fashions’ elite. M.I.A. and Versus Versace team up without failing to push the creative envelope and highlight the grass roots of street wear and bootleg design.


    Pants, hoodies, skirts, and accessories with signature Sanskrit lettering designs, gold medallions, and floral details. Versus Versace x M.I.A’s fashion collaboration is expected to debut on Wednesday, Oct. 16th and the release of her fourth album, Matangi, is expected to release on November 5.

    For more about Versus Versace, just click here.

    Written by Manny King John

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