Hear ‘Don’t Yah Feel Better?’: a new single by The Velveteins

Since the loss of my dear Alex Ghassan in the Oakland Warehouse Fire, I’ve been in limbo. I haven’t done much creative writing but I think it is time to make a change. In the afternoon, The Velveteins shared their new single, ‘Don’t Yah Feel Better?’

The Velveteins
Photo: Courtesy of the artists


‘Don’t Yah Feel Better?’ sounds like music you would hear playing in a movie—during a bike riding scene. I could also hear it on a playlist in a restaurant downtown. I imagine it in a swanky café that sells vegan peppermint hot chocolate and cinnamon chew sticks. The Edmonton, Canada-based band says that guitar melody was influenced by traditional Indian music.

Listen to the happy-go-lucky song from ‘Slow Wave’. It is a single from their debut LP. The album is set to release in 2017. If you like it, be on the lookout for more music from the album.


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