Indie Rock band Velvet Starlings share official visual for ‘Bitter Pills’: Watch

The single ‘Bitter Pills’ by Velvet Starlings immediately transports you back to the ages of the groovy 70s mega bands. The angsty and raspy vocals of the lead singer accompanied by the moody lyrics give this track an old school vibe. The music video created for the single is minimalist and impactful. Close-up shots of the vocalist and the subject tie in the emotion with a dash of hippie aesthetic.

The usage of the lighting, angles and visual textures create a soft visually pleasing finish. Velvet Starlings’ distinctive vocals, powerful lyrics and great live instruments are key points that give this track substance. The light tambourine against the band and the vocals are really a nice cherry on top.

Words by Jazzlyn Kirkland

Written by Manny King John

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