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Uranius: ‘We Are Not Alone’ Documentary

“She [Uranius] emanated this love vibration that is indescribable.”

Uranius (We Are Not Alone) Documentary
Photo: The Front

As the short documentary begins, an older woman named Paula Rich Greenwood, who was a student of Uranius since 1982, recalls magical moments with Uriel, also known as Ruth E. Norman, the cosmic visionary. She claimed to have been “sent” to this planet to live as a human. At a very young age, she noticed that she had healing powers. The space visitor ‘transformed’ dope addicts, alcoholics, and perverts. She says because of her healings, they’ve all lived better lives.

In 1973, David Reynolds (a student of Uranius since 1971) and Uriel sat together on a loveseat and “committed” himself. After college, he had been looking for something that “joined science and spirit together.” He remembers being hooked. Ken Kennedy (a student of Uranius since 1975) says a “peace of mind” came over him. Initially, before contacting Uranius, he had a lot of inhibition, insecurity, and “was completely screwed up”. After indoctrination, Mr. Kennedy felt ease.

All conspiracy aside: I wasn’t alive then but if Uriel provided a mentally healthy, safe space (on Earth, as her students explain in the film) for people to be creative, love one another and build for the better, I would have investigated. I think I would have attended the public events. I would have helped to ‘cast’ for Uranius’ unscripted movies. I would have easily suggested creatives to express themselves through the avenues the organization provided.

As Ms. Greenwood describes, seemingly love just oozed out of her. The Uranius Academy of Science has been around since 1954. Part of the school’s teachings include “healing through past life therapy and guidance from benevolent extraterrestrials.” Watch the “We Are Not Alone” documentary to feel the love that she felt. Your capacity to love will become enormous, apparently.

Special thanks to The Front for sharing this documentary. I wouldn’t have located it, elsewhere, otherwise.



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