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‘Unforgiven’, a new Russian revenge-thriller film, premieres at The Cannes Film Festival

Big Cinema, Lon Haber & Co and Planeta Inform, will debut UNFORGIVEN, a new revenge-thriller at The Cannes Film Festival on Sunday, May 13. The film stars Dmitriy Nagiev, a popular business figure in Russia and is based on real events.

The story follows Vitaly Kaloyev (Nagiev), a man who loses his entire family in a mysterious plane crash. After experiencing this traumatic loss, Vitaly is on the verge of giving up on life. However, he finds the motivation for living by his desire to seek revenge for his family.

“Based on true and tragically harrowing events of a man’s life, UNFORGIVEN, is a highly suspenseful, commercially driven film that remains true to its story and has been enticing buyers and keeping viewers on the edge of their seats.” said Haber, Founder and CEO of Lon Haber & Co.

Check out the UNFORGIVEN trailer below.

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