GRUNGECAKE presents ‘UNCUT’ featuring BVNGS (Rochester, NY)

BVNGS is a recording artist, who writes, raps, sings, and arranges music, from Upstate, New York.

BVNGS is a recording artist, who writes, raps, sings, and arranges music, from Upstate, New York.


Photo: Jeffrey Chambers

Over the years, I’ve had the privilege of meeting with bunches of talented people from all over the world. Other times, I’ve connected with people online and built communities of like minds. I am one person, so personally, getting back to everyone when they want me to isn’t a personal goal. It never was. Furthermore, I have learned that I am someone who allows time to outline the future.

When it comes to BVNGS, the Rochesterian multi-talented musician (rapper, singer, songwriter, and arranger) and one of my best friends, it is the case. She learned about my work through a mutual friend on Myspace. Like many others, she said that she emailed me about her music. I didn’t respond. For clarity, at the time, arrogance didn’t play a part in my lack of action. During those years, my focus was elsewhere. I published print magazines, and I had to do everything. Maybe one day I will explain it further.

In any event, the young musician remained consistent. Back when I partnered with Henley Vaporium (now permanently closed) on an event series in 2014, she spammed on Twitter. Instead of ignoring her or asking her to email me, I invited her to my event. She showed up. That’s when I knew she was serious about her music.

During our interview, you’ll learn about the people of Rochester, the Korean Bell of Friendship, Mark Werner, her favourite book (‘The Coldest Winter Ever’ by Sister Souljah) and lyric (‘The Story of OJ’ by JAY Z), relationships, grandparents, and financial freedom. The latest book she’s read is entitled, “Milk and Honey” by Rupi Kaur.

Learn more about the new artist via the insightful audio interview. She’s working on a new project titled, “Seven Dutches and a Sweet Tea.” She plans to release it in February. In the interim, check out her latest release: Not Available.

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