Uber Health: A new way to a doctor’s appointment

Uber recently launched their newest ride-share initiative, Uber Health for the public to now access.


For those who prefer to Uber to their locations, the Uber Health now gives riders lifts specifically to and from hospitals and healthcare appointments.


Uber recently launched their newest ride-share initiative, Uber Health, early Thursday morning. This option allows healthcare providers to not only schedule appointments for their patients but also the rides to and from the visit. Rider’s personal health information is also protected, as the service complies with HIPAA regulations. In addition, the payment of the service is covered by the rider’s healthcare pr to vider, according to The Verge.

Uber Health
Uber introduces Uber Health, a ride-sharing service dedicated to transporting patients to and from their healthcare appointments. (Photo: Courtesy of Uber)

What makes this service even better—riders don’t need to have the app or even a smartphone to use it! Individuals who are not familiar with the Uber app can still access service via text or a landline, according to Uber.

The app went through a beta-testing phase last Summer, with only a few hospitals and doctor offices having access to it. After the testing proved to be a success, the service became available to the public. Users can access rides through the online Uber dashboard or an API designed for healthcare providers specifically.

SCI Solutions reported that ‘3.6 million Americans miss their medical appointments due to lack of transportation.’ Using this information, Uber decided to tackle that issue head-on.

“If there are people who are missing their appointments because they’re using an unreliable bus service to get to and from their healthcare provider, this is a great solution for them,” Chris Weber, General Manager of Uber Health, told The Verge. “The types of individuals this is valuable for really is limitless.”

Powered by regular Uber drivers, the service can take riders to and from ‘rehab and physical therapy centres, senior care facilities and clinics’, according to Weber. As of now, Uber Health is only available in the US, but it may very well expand to other countries and regions in the coming months.

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