Ty Dolla $ign, Charli XCX & Tinashe team up for ‘Drop That Kitty’

Photo: Courtesy of the publicist
Photo: Courtesy of the publicist

After a colorful MTV Movie Awards performance, the anticipated video for ‘Drop That Kitty’ is finally here. The Los Angeles-based video follows rapper Ty Dolla $ign cruising around in a chauffeured car, singer Charli XCX chilling in front of a convenience store, and songstress Tinashe performing underneath, what looks like, an overpass in an abandoned area.

Hanging out and dancing with their feline girlfriends, Tinashe and Charli bring all the feminine energy on this track to counter Ty’s masculine canine disposition. The high-energy collaboration between the three various genre-spanning artists creates the ideal opportunity to be introduced to new markets and audiences. Even though we don’t get to see Charli wine in the video like she did for the live performance, Tinashe brings all the dance moves needed. While watching this video, you can’t help but wonder: With her previous crossover work garnering Grammy nods, could Charli XCX be fulfilling the musical ambassador role Gwen Stefani played back in the day?

Written by Manny King John

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