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Trina released 14 albums, why isn’t she considered one of the best?

Trina is proof that beauty and good work ethic isn’t enough.

For someone who didn’t aspire to be a rapper, Katrina “Trina” Laverne Taylor is a rather consistent entity who has released over 14 albums (street and major) which explores unconventional relationships, sexual escapades and the lifestyle of a woman from the South. Since her debut, which happened to be a guest feature on Trick Daddy’s “Nann Nigga” released in 1998, the Miami-born dirty rap maven seemingly floats in the atmosphere but she doesn’t make any real waves. What could it be?

Is she boring? Is she talented?

From the standpoint of a seasoned music listener, Trina doesn’t really double her verses or incorporate any animated additions like most of the competitive, chart-topping musicians on the scene. As a result, her music is flat and she doesn’t hold my attention. However, when she is “on,” she’s on point and that’s not as often as I’d like her to be. Unfortunately, I’d prefer to hear Trina as a featured artist (Yo Gotti’s “5 Star” (Remix,) Missy Elliott’s “One Minute Man,” Trick Daddy’s “Nann Nigga” and “Take It To Da House”) or as a collaborator (“Look Back At Me” featuring Killer Mike, “B R Right” featuring Ludacris.) I like the idea of Trina, and I guess I can say that I am a fan, but I cannot sit through her albums without wanting to skip to the end. Is her music competitive? No, and that might be one of the most crippling truths she needs to face.

Has her musical style progressed since her commercial debut?

Not really. Her flow hasn’t progressed since the release of records like “Pull Over” and “Da Baddest Bitch.” She has an app though, called Trina Official, which catalogues her albums, exclusive photos, interviews, music and videos. I’m not sure if a fan made it or it is something she’s behind but it didn’t work for me. I downloaded it and for one reason or the other, it didn’t open. I’ve also heard she cancels business engagements that consist of her appearance at music venues but that’s another story. Honestly, I wouldn’t mind if someone (or a rotating group of songwriters) helped Trina with her rhymes. She’s been around long enough and that’s the way of entertainment. Personally, I would like it if she sounded more like she does on a newer release titled “Gone Mad” featuring Brittney T. I think she’d get on the Billboard charts, and be a vital contender in 2015. The fact of the matter here, is, she’s not going to get there alone.

Will she ever be considered one of the best?

I’m not sure if she ever will be considered as one of the best to ever do it, but if so, it should happen sooner than later. We’re not getting any younger.

Written by Richardine Bartee

Her unprejudiced love for people, the arts, and business have taken her this far. Join Richardine on her journey as she writes history into existence, one article at a time. Richardine is a member of the Recording Academy/GRAMMYs, and a GRAMMY U Mentor. She is the North American Press Agent and US Business Manager for Oxlade; Follow her on Instagram and Twitter.

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