Hear Trickshot’s masterfully-produced ‘My Mind’ featuring Dacy

If you like Lorde or Billie Eilish’s voices, you may like Dacy, the featured artist.

GIF: Courtesy of the artist


Photo: Courtesy of the artist

Jumping out of the computer and into our hearts upon first listen, ‘My Mind’, which Trickshot wrote and produced is a soundtrack-ready record waiting for its moment. It’s heartfelt lyrics, about moving on and breaking free, are relatable to anyone who has ever been in love. When you’re really in love, you tend to bare your soul to the person. It’s called vulnerability, but I bet if we knew it would hurt so much, we wouldn’t open our chests for anyone to take our hearts for a ride.

On a personal note, ‘My Mind’ could double as the narrative of what’s going on in my life right now. I stood naked in front of the world, only to have to push back and close up to protect myself. The song’s message is a little different than mine, but I think it holds the same sentiment. I’m not trying to move on or break free from anyone, but I do want to rid myself of the false perceptions I create in my mind about people that I’ve chosen to love [specifically, in 2018]. Nonetheless, like anything else worth discussing in life, we get over it; we learn from it.

If you like Lorde or Billie Eilish’s voices, you may like Dacy, the featured artist. Stream the masterfully-produced record below. Can you believe Trickshot is only nineteen-years-old? We are anticipating his forthcoming EP release.


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