Trey Songz shares mindful video for ‘Circles’: Watch

The experience of Black love is one that is extremely powerful and touches deep to the soul. Trey Songz shines light on this love with the release of his video for ‘Circles’. It shouldn’t be a surprise that when Trey Songz drops, we are expecting to get some quality R&B music. The video was pretty simple and symbolic. Starting with three definitions of Black love, it followed the story of a Black love at three different stages: A youthful love, an adult love, and a more seasoned love.

Cutting through scenes of joyous moments together, the R&B star sang about the journey of love that keeps bringing them in circles. Symbolically, each couple drove around a roundabout as they enjoyed the Los Angeles weather. In the video, Trey Songz made sure to pay tribute to the Black Lives Matter movement, as it was plastered on a wall when the young couple were pulled over by the LAPD. I thought that was a needed addition, because we need the beauty of Black love in this world, and police brutality shouldn’t be the reason there is more mourning for love, than the actual experience of it. This song is really nice, and the video is even better and to me, the message is: Let’s fight for the preservation of Black love. It’s beautiful and needed. We are all we got!

Written by Manny King John

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