Listen to Denver legend Trev Rich’s expensive new single ‘Knots’

Photo: Trev Rich

Off the rip, Trev Rich goes all the way in on this track ‘Knots’. This song called me broke. It’s definitely a song for the flexers, and the wannabe flexers (me). I was dancing as soon as the track started and my face got more and more screwed as the song progressed. Trev Rich shows his artistic maturity; clearly, he knows how to make a hit, as evidenced by this track. The hook is catchy and the song doesn’t disappoint after hearing the fiery hook. The energy remains high, a consistency that is truly appreciated. Let me go get my money up, so I can have ‘Knots’. Thanks Trev Rich.

Written by Jasmine Joseph

I am obsessed with music, so I write about it!