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Trend or Throwaway: Meggings

Images: Meggings Man

That’s right: Meggings. As you read this, you may be wondering ‘What are meggings?’ Are meggings for women? Are they named after someone named Meg? (All of which would be valid questions.) Meggings, in short, are leggings for men or a company named Meggings Man Clothing which has launched a new initiative to get hot-blooded, sexy men of all kinds to feel comfortable and even bad-ass (like, we women do) in leggings.

Meggings Man's "American Flag" meggings

The Problem

Calling your company Meggings Man is a marketing nightmare. Any item that is usually marketed to women but is changed slightly with the addition of an “M” is laughable. Seriously, it’s a joke. Try it with me, sandals. Now, change out the “s” for an “m” and say “mandals”. By now you are probably laughing out loud and thinking how ridiculous; Men in leggings! However, similar to sandals – both women and men wear leggings and there is absolutely nothing wrong them, except the fact that we do not and should not call them “Meggings”. It’s all in the name, and the best example is Shakespeare’s quote from Romeo and Juliet “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet” which, oddly enough implies that names don’t matter, but oh, how naive Romeo’s notion of love and the quality of a name was. Do names matter? In short yes, they do. Are roses and leggings amazing? Yes. Yes they are.

Meggings Man's "American Flag" meggings

The Lifestyle and The Cycle

If you don’t already know how leggings for men are incorporated into our popular culture already, let me explain. Better yet, turn on the television and watch one of your favorite superhero movies Superman, Batman, Spiderman, even Kickass made a skin tight costume upstairs in his room. Or go to the beach and check out surfers in wetsuits, watch the olympics, attend a track meat, football or baseball game. You can even go to an athletic store and ask them to point you in the direction of Men’s performance gear. You heard it right, Men’s performance gear. You hear how nice that sounds? Exactly. Performance gear is the new-age version of leggings. The fabric weaves are cutting edge and made with synthetic fibers structured to allow maximum breathability. Also, some performance fabrics are treated with special chemicals and coatings to repel sweat, dry quickly, stretch and adhere to your body in order to get an optimized fit and appear to slim down your problem areas. In the grand scheme of things, leggings are not new, and men in leggings are not new. Women (and some men) love seeing men train, and run around in their colorful, skin tight pants during football practices and games. We love the edgy guy in the corner, with the tattoos rocking skinny jeans. We love the men playing polo in riding pants, and some like the men dancing gracefully across the stage in leggings at the ballet. Honestly, who doesn’t like someone with a great ass? However, gentlemen when it comes to ass we mean tight and shapely, and we do look at your assets. Women are just a little more discreet when it comes to checking out the opposite sex. Also, When it comes to style, we can be sure of one thing; it will always come full circle. Do we think leggings are bad-ass? Absolutely. It’s all about how you decide to wear it.

Meggings Man's "American Flag" meggings

A lesson on leggings

If you do decide to venture out in leggings remember to do it tastefully, and know everyone will be watching. Also, please keep a few things in mind if you are interested in incorporating leggings into your wardrobe.

If you are an athlete, or it’s necessary attire in your line of work, we love it!

If you are a self proclaimed Trendsetter, Fashionista or anything of the sort – remember there are levels to this shit. Leggings look best on men who are slim, or have an athletic build/body type. If you are a man with a meatier build it’s okay to accessorize your leggings with a long shirt / tunic (as we women do) or layer them with shorts, or a more eccentric / cultural layering piece like a wrap (think Kanye).

Avoid bunching with your boxers. Underwear lines are bad, so it’s okay to free-ball if that’s how you roll but remember to tuck or bend as necessary. Avoid camel toe. Yes men can have camel toe too, except it’ll look more like club foot and that is bad. You can avoid this by wearing the pant on your natural waist. If you are not sure exactly where that is, use your belly button as a guide. After all that, if you are a man that thinks he can pull off wearing a pair of leggings, by all means try it. We will be watching!

Written by Manny King John

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