Trend Connecting App Builds Your “Swaag”


Swaag, you’re it

Swaag is a new street style network built to connect trends from across the world by uploading and sharing personal tastes and thoughts. The app features a shopping gear that allows you to buy attire directly from street brands in one click. Profiles have filters for uploaded photos and onlookers may “like” what they see. Swaag also tests confidence by enabling style battles and trendsetters compete with sneakers, vintage denim, jewelry and hats, all to see who crowned the freshest. It’s a lookbook for the urban community to keep original. Twenty-four unique trends are pre-added while you could add tags from over 10,000 stored brands.

Setting up a profile is quick and easy. You can also sign up through Facebook or Twitter. It’s a great way to connect with others who share the same interests in street-style and art. Following other profiles gives inspiration for a “next day look”. Rare and exclusive items are up for grabs for consumers who enjoy authenticity. Discounts are also accessible for limited edition products throughout the store.

Considering a lot of these photos are only taken from the knee down, a lot of copyright infringement could occur and credit will not be due. It reminds me a lot much of an Instagram for the sneaker heads, however, you will be judged (for fun, of course). The filters are very basic but I guess it solely wants to focus on swag. The battling of one’s ego could easily be bruised on social communities, nowadays. If you don’t have the confidence and can’t take the heat, then this app isn’t for you.

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Written by Manny King John


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