Brooklyn artist Tré Yung shares his entertaining single ‘Waistline’ featuring Kiyano: Listen

Flatbush-based Tré Yung shares his entertaining single ‘Waistline’. Collaborating with Dancehall artist Kiyano, they lustfully speak of their desires with a love interest. Kiyano starts the track describing moments he is trying to share, inviting some women over for some pleasurable fun. Tré Yung sings throughout this song, showcasing his versatility as an artist, as he also is a talented rapper. In his verse, he describes the moments of the pursuit of a beautiful woman as he compliments her body, highlighting her skilled waistline. As Tré Yung continues to grow as an artist, this song is a solid fusion of Hip-Hop and Dancehall, which is almost never a miss.


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