Travis Thompson, Macklemore’s youthful protégé, shares ‘Ain’t Shit’


Macklemore’s protégé, a twenty-year-old critically-acclaimed rapper named Travis Thompson, released a new single produced by Tyler Dopps entitled, ‘Ain’t Shit’.

Travis Thompson
Photo: Courtesy of the artist

Twenty-year-old Seattle rapper Travis Thompson released his new song ‘Ain’t Shit’ produced by Tyler Dopps on March 22, 2018. I love a feel-good tale. The tale about Travis Thompson’s music career journey is an inspiring one. Ever since his fellow Seattle rapper Macklemore mentored him and debuted him on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon, where they performed ‘Corner Store’, from the veteran rapper’s second studio album called ‘Gemini’ together, he’s been experiencing a glow up of massive proportions. We’re all applauding Macklemore and Ryan Lewis for taking Travis under their wing. The GRUNGECAKE staff are also cheering you on and wishing you success in all your future endeavours Travis.

According to’s Lars Brandle, Thompson “graduated through a residency program that the hip-hop star and his regular collaborator Ryan Lewis launched in Seattle in July 2015. The initiative, dubbed The Residency, mentors young artists from low-income families to help them acquire the skills and knowledge needed to carve out a living in the arts. Through the project, aspirating artists get to participate in a vocal or production track, try their hand at writing original songs, record in a professional studio and perform in a Seattle venue. Or in the case of Thompson, you perform in front of a television audience of millions.”

You have to acknowledge the altruism in practice here. It takes an altruist to practice selfless concern for the well-being of others. The outstanding people at The Residency and their affiliates are undisputed good denizens.On his website, Travis’ biography reads:

“The authenticity in Thompson’s music will be the key to his success, reminding people that you don’t need to sugar coat your life or put a mask on in order to tell a great story. Whether it be the person you are today or the person you were 10 years ago, it won’t be hard to find yourself in his music.”

That quote is a spot-on description of ‘Ain’t Shit’. You get to know Travis Thompson on an intimate level when you listen to ‘Ain’t Shit’. His verses tell his tale: about his childhood, his coming of age, haunting, traumatic events that took place, his lack of faith, and the rejection he endured from others. Some verses on ‘Ain’t Shit’ are about Travis’ willingness to give back to his family, his friends, and his community, like the second verse, where Travis raps over a rhythmic beat,

“But I’m partial to the kids I started with, so pardon me. I don’t fuck with most ’cause rarely do they go as hard as me. I ain’t never had a guest list. If they here, they start with me. But that’s just me though. And who I keep close.”

That’s my favourite verse on ‘Ain’t Shit’, because, to me, it’s an indication that Travis has the makings of an empath. I’m sure that Macklemore was an incredible mentor for Travis. Usually, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. I don’t doubt that Travis will follow in Macklemore, Ryan Lewis’ and The Residency’s footsteps in creating a movement and changing peoples lives for the better.

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