Brooklyn artist Trav B Ryan shares ‘No Home’: Listen

Photo: Courtesy of the artist

Don’t tell them my heart is a weapon and all I wanna do is reload

Trav B Ryan pleads on the melancholy ‘No Home’ to protect his name, if ever something happens to him. Initially, ‘No Home’ might come off as an ego trip. What’s intriguing about this track is that it is, in fact, the opposite.

Don’t tell them I followed my thoughts/Instead of falling cold

Ryan understands who he is, but also understands the narrative of a man turning soft, showing emotion and following his thoughts and heart over pride and ego isn’t one that many will respect. So, he begs the listener to tell his story in a different way. He asks that, if he falls from grace, please, burn down this place, and tell “them” he died in war. And Ryan’s juxtapositions successfully make listeners question what we deem “weak” versus “strong” and why Ryan feels the need at all to warp the truth when relaying the message to strangers.

‘No Home’ is a poignant track that can connect on several levels, a mental health perspective, a toxic masculinity perspective, and an emotional intelligence perspective are just three of the possible ways listeners will relate to its lyrics and Trav’s audible anguish. Get in the mood for some introspection and listen to ‘No Home’, available on Apple Music and Spotify.

Written by Manny King John

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