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Purposefully being a light in the world: America rapper T.R.3 shares the visual for ‘Light Harvest’

Questioning the authenticity of what we call light, and looking to become that very light into this world, drives the passion that can be felt through T.R.3’s latest track and visual for ‘Light Harvest’. With a high sense of responsibility to be a healing force in this world, T.R.3.’s song seems to be a deeper look into self, finding purpose and actualizing that purpose. The visual shot with a purple color, shows T.R.3. sitting in place, with the camera cuts to different angles of him, as he passionately pours his soul out to his viewers.

His emotional delivery through the visual shows how intense his feelings are and the responsibility he feels to live out his truest purpose. Ariano’s smooth production helps evoke these feelings. The song is powerful, and the simplicity of the visual, adds to the power of his words. Watch T.R.3’s ‘Light Harvest’ above.


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