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Watch Atlanta’s rising Afrobeat artist Toyé’s official video for ‘Attitude’

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Toyé’s visuals for his song ‘Attitude’ provided us with all the smooth, Summer vibes that only Afrobeats can deliver. A laid-back video to accompany an upbeat song; combining R&B with Dancehall. The video depicts the artist surrounded by beautiful women and friends. Nothing out of the ordinary; just a good time and good music. A common theme in R&B is the simplicity of the visuals and Toyé embraces this to the fullest.

He did not distract from the smoothness of this song with overwhelming or unnecessary visuals, he let the music do the talking. Toyé also didn’t stray away from the songs danceable appeal; keeping the overall mood of the video light and fun. The song and visuals go hand-in-hand; giving viewers a taste of the Afrobeats experience. Colourful, aesthetically pleasing, and simple – this video was a charming introduction to Toyé and what we can expect from him.

Words by Brax Chea


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