British rapper TOURI$T shares ‘Doing Bits’ featuring Hayreezy & PM: Listen

It’s one of five tracks from his new extended play called, ‘TOURISM’.

I’ve been in London for two weeks. I’ve learned so much about the local music scene, and how long it has taken for musicians to receive a smidgeon of the recognition they deserve, so as a publication rooted in the United States of America, I’ve realised my position. In the past, I’ve covered and supported artists (visual and musical) in the United Kingdom, but now, it is different. Being on the grounds, I understand much more about the emergence of its musical style and influence on the current music scene, vice versa. In my search, although most UK Drill/Grime productions sound the same (as they do in America), it still manages to have a liveliness that is unmatched elsewhere. I hadn’t heard about TOURI$T before today, but he does a job of remaining compelling. Listen to the latest record by the talented British artist featuring Hayreezy & PM, below. It’s one of five tracks from his new extended play called, ‘TOURISM’.

Photo: Courtesy of the artist

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