Listen to San Francisco singer-songwriter toru’s guaranteed head bop ‘stay in play’

Photo: Courtesy of the artist

For those of us who clean the house on Saturday mornings because that’s how our parents woke us up on weekends growing up; for those of us who are still aware there’s a pandemic going on, so we’re inside more often and need the appropriate music for it; and for those of us who just love music without words sometimes, toru’s ‘stay in play’ is the perfect track.

A groovy instrumental that somehow fits the skating rink as well as it fits the weekend morning mop and sweep combo, ‘stay in play’ is the quintessential bouncy yet calm single. Guaranteed you’ll get a head bop and/or finger snap going while you run errands, write an essay, clean, skate, dance, drive, or do a variety of countless other things to this track. Stream ‘stay in play’ on SoundCloud and get your day started.

Written by Manny King John

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