Toro y Moi shares video for ‘Ordinary Pleasure’

Toro y Moi is currently closing out the sold-out second leg of its United States tour.


Following the release of its critically-acclaimed new album, Toro y Moi is sharing a new video. ‘Ordinary Pleasure’ takes fans on a tour of Toro’s own Company Records studio, introducing fans to the band as they break out into a live performance of the track as Chaz dances his way through the space. The track finds Toro’s sound at its most jubilant, carried by a funky bassline and conga drum patterns to create a finished product that Highsnobiety called “the most playful sound from the album.”

Toro y Moi is currently closing out the sold-out second leg of its United States tour, with performances at Miami’s III Points Festival, Phoenix’s M3F festival and a performance at New Orleans’ BUKU Music + Art festival still to come.

Outer Peace follows the highly-emotive 2017 album ‘Boo Boo’ and sees Toro continuing to explore its limits sonically and thematically, serving as a homecoming celebration of an album that was written and recorded in the Bay Area after spending a year in Portland surrounded by the solace of nature. A stark contrast to Boo Boo, the new album radiates with a joyous energy that incorporates Contemporary Hip-Hop, Funk, and Eurodance elements into a dynamic soundscape that remains true to Toro’s distinct identity.

Watch ‘Ordinary Pleasure’ below and, see below for all upcoming shows and stay tuned for more from Toro y Moi coming soon.

Upcoming Tour Dates

2/15 – Miami, FL @ iii Points Festival (DJ SET)
3/1 – Phoenix, AZ @ M3F Festival
3/9 Tampa, FL @ Gasparilla Music Festival
3/20-24 – Boise, ID @ Treefort Music Fest
3/22 – New Orleans, LA @ BUKU Music + Art Project
4/19 – Brooklyn, NY @ Good Room (DJ SET)
4/20 – Washington, DC @ U Street Music Hall (DJ SET)
5/22 – Lisbon, Portugal @ Lisboa Ao Vivo
5/23 – Porto, Portugal @ Hard Club
5/24-25 – Madrid, Spain @ Tomavistas Festival
5/26 – London, UK @ All Points East
6/2 – Paris, France @ We Love Green
6/16 – Los Angeles, CA @ Hollywood Bowl (w/ Chromeo, Noname & Ian Isiah)


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