Run to the sun this Summer with Brooklyn’s Tony Thames on ‘Yellow’

Photo: Courtesy of the artist

We ran to the sun, through the fire we withstood

Tony Thames’ poppy 2020 track ‘Yellow’ is intense. It’s fun, and it has all the right things going on. Thames jumps on with vocals and bars, showcasing his versatility while floating over the high-energy synths. There aren’t words for the feeling evoked when the electronic drums and background vocals hit during the second half of the chorus. With tonal command and breath control, he dives into the hook and comes up with a softer, almost entrancing delivery for the verses and outro.

Ain’t telling lies, Midas is all in my touch

Confidently delivering a sixteen for the second verse, Thames did everything he needed to do. There is no way for listeners to not bop their head when this track is on. ‘Yellow’ is perfect Summertime music, so get your speakers set up and stream it now.

Written by Manny King John

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