Will you still call him ‘Daddy’ in the morning?: A review on Tony Thames’ latest track ‘Daddy’

‘Daddy’ seems to be about a young man that has greyed early and knows what he is doing to the ladies.

Photo: Courtesy of the artist

Tony Thames is an artist that is giving you Jeff Goldblum, nothing but sexy and mature vibes. The song is self-produced by the artists, and the beat is just as simple as the lyrics. The way the beat loops coincides with the repetitive cadence of the chorus Thames made the beat to match his words. The song is short, keeping your attention for only about 2 minutes and some change. There are two verses and the chorus which echoes and adds more boom when the bass hits. For those who love a good comparison, ‘Daddy; has a similar rhythm to ‘Booty’ by Blac Youngsta and even similar to ‘Look at Me Now’ by Chris Brown if the synths were stripped and the beat was just drums.

Tony Thames
Photo: Courtesy of the artist

‘Daddy’ seems to be about a young man that has greyed early and knows what he is doing to the ladies. But the song could also be about an older man who got his groove with the ladies and knows what they like already. Regardless, women tend to love a nice grey beard or an evenly peppered beard, and Tony Thames knows it. His lyrics and voice that reminds you of a smooth disc jockey from the 70s sound sexy but also fun in your ear. The lyrics that stand out in the song begin with the chorus when Thames sings, “Said she like my grey hair, and she wanna call me daddy. It’s okay, it’s okay, it’s okay.” That opening line alone is intriguing because again is it a young man with sophisticated features trying to lure you in or is it a grown man with a young sound trying to let you know what it is already?

We can even take it a step further to say his “Google-ability” is even attractive because he is a mystery. Tony Thames can be found on Genius website, Spotify, and Apple Music. His newest single ‘Daddy’ is available to Unlimited Amazon users as well.

Words by Coop

Written by Manny King John

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