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Brooklyn’s Tony Thames releases his latest single ‘Can’t Give Up’: Listen

Photo: Courtesy of the artist
Photo: Courtesy of the artist

Tony Thames, the Brooklyn born talent, has released his latest effort ‘Can’t Give Up’. This track is all about resilience and determination. As an artist who knows the value of a dollar and hard work, his life story offers an authenticity to this song that we may not feel from similar tracks from other artists. He talks about his journey on his way to becoming a millionaire – past and present. He discusses his past day jobs, the doubters, and shouts out the people who actually did believe in him and supported him along the way. This is a song that many up and coming people in their various industries will be able to relate to. The strive to be better and not stop until you reach ultimate financial freedom is something that nobody can be mad at, and Thames communicates it beautifully.


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