Worth the Watch: Tish Hyman’s “All That I Can Do”

I’m going to go as far as saying that Tish Hyman is this generation’s Nina Simone. Fight me.

Tish Hyman in "All That I Can Do"

Lately, musicians from The Bronx and other cities outside of the main streets of Manhattan seem to tell the stories we haven’t heard in awhile. With vigor and power, Tish Hyman sings about continuing to hustle, because that’s all she can do. Guilty as charged, when you’re living the best you can live as a successful person, it is seldom that you can be there for someone who isn’t on the same path. Sometimes, you have to be the strong one to carry the load of your lineage and hope to influence enough people around you to do better. In the first verse, Tish Hyman sings about the demise of her family, and how chasing her dreams affect them.


Finally, have you watched the video for “All That I Can Do” by Tish Hyman yet? Well, I hope you’ll join us below. It is a fantastic direction by Tyler Yee. If you didn’t share anything else this week, share this with someone.

Moreover, Miss Tish Hyman, please keep on hustling. It’s the only way to make a real difference in your community and your life.

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In 2010 Hyman moved to Los Angeles, California and began writing songs for other artists. Soon after in 2011, she wrote a song for Ahsan Watts which helped him get signed to Interscope, and gave Hyman recognition as a songwriter. From here on, she subsequently landed a publishing deal at Universal Music Publishing Group and went on to write songs for Alicia Keys, Diddy, Kanye West and Kelly Rowland.

Single release and EP Hyman’s first single, Subway Art, was released on March 3, 2015, and the video premiered on The FADER on April 27, 2015. The song, which describes the struggles of those who use the New York City subway trains on a daily basis, brought stylistic and vocal comparisons to Lauryn Hill. Her second single, “Home For Christmas,” premiered on VIBE and on Ebro Darden’s radio show on December 15, 2015.

Furthermore, she was featured on Fabolous’ 2015 single “You Made Me” and on Dom Kennedy’s 2015 single “2 Bad.” She was the first female rapper in 2015 to successfully complete the “5 Fingers of Death” freestyle challenge on Sway in the Morning on Sirius XM. Then, she wrote Ty Dolla Sign’s “Horses in the Stable” off his 2015 album, Free TC. (In my opinion, this is one of Ty Dolla Sign’s best songs ever.)

In the same way, Hyman’s debut EP, Dedicated To, was released on July 12, 2016, with production by Bink, William Larsen, Timothy Bloom, Dave Kuncio, Nate Walka and others.


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