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Tiffany Evans shares visual for ‘Switch Up’: Watch

Tiffany Evans shares visual for ‘Switch Up’: Watch


Break-ups are common. How you choose to react to them is personal. Tiffany Evans, in ‘Switch Up’, decides against moping around all day and night. Instead, she is going to go out and have the night of her life. The self-directed video starts in a shop where she works with friends.

When she told her friends that they were no longer dating, it was well-received. Next, another group of friends walked in, whose noise, lead to them all to get kicked out by the store’s manager.

The majority of the visual is Tiffany dancing, flaunting her beauty, and walking in the confidence that she’s worth more than just being her man’s second option. The visual shows some of Atlanta’s artistic backdrops, adding an extra pop to its aesthetics. A good song with a solid visual to match, watch the official video for ‘Switch Up’ down bottom.

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