‘Bam’: Los Angeles-based Indie band Tidal Babes share upbeat record for carefree women

I hope you’re ready for the “Dirty Beach Pop/Rock” they’ve made for your listening pleasure.



Photo: Courtesy of the artists

‘Bam’ is a slice of Summer that is all about girls living their best life and not letting anyone tell them how to act or what to do.

Speaking of which, if you’re a woman—or any variant of a female human—you’ve probably been told what to do, or how to behave, for most of your life. Whenever you do something that isn’t lady-like, the way the world (and the people at home) views you is horrendous. Subsequently, most of us have grown a thicker skin to adapt and survive in a world formerly and exclusively run by men.

The carefree attitude of their song lets you know that you cannot tell them what to do, then, quickly goes into the fun pop hook over a modern production style that our foremothers probably shook their tailfeathers to, on any given day, way back when. It feels good to listen to a song that celebrates women speaking up, and just living life, like our male counterparts.

I enjoyed the line that lists vices. If you’ve had the chance to go out with me, you know that I am far from a hardcore alcohol guzzler. I think there’s something about a woman who drinks Whiskey. As I listen to more and more music, I’ve come to see that we’re getting more recognition than ever before. It is an honour to be part of that group of women, but I’ll be honest with you. I sip a few times and put it down. The more that I think about it, I should probably substitute that with water. Thanks, Tidal Babes.

‘Bam’ is an electrifying record created by a female-fronted band out of Los Angeles, California that will induce dancing on sight. I hope you’re ready for the “Dirty Beach Pop/Rock” they’ve made for your listening pleasure.