Review: Oneonta, New York-based band The Thirds’ new EP ‘Dork Matter’ exposits the feeling of freedom

For the band The Thirds, their new EP ‘Dork Matter’ exposits those feelings and more.

Photo: Courtesy of the publicist
The Thirds' cover art for the Dork Matter EP
Photo: Courtesy of the publicist

One thing I love about listening to types of Rock music is the freedom I feel. The jarring lyrics paired with expressional rifts and wails and oscillating drum and guitar solos are just some of the things that excite me about this genre. Creating the perfect soundtrack to a mosh pit, a rowdy party, or just for those times when you need to rock-out, there’s always a song that will get you just right. For the band The Thirds’, their new EP ‘Dork Matter’ exposits those feelings and more.

The trio hailing from Oneonta, New York have been making music since 2015, and all of their past production is found on their Bandcamp. On the band’s Facebook page a foreshadowing highlight of their new EP ‘Dork Matter’ saying it’s “filled with melancholic themes and Speedy Ortiz/Led Zeppelin riffery.” While the band also alludes to touching base on themes such as self-worth, anxiety, regret, and confusion, they sternly keep the outlandishly harmonic style within their songs. With members Chris Saporito and JJ Padovani on guitar, bass, and vocals, and Cody Lengel wielding on drums, the band emits its self-proclaimed Indie/Alt Rock/Whatevercore sound. The six-track project is a sonic fusion of sounds like a cosmic realm. The two tracks ‘Buncha Nerds’ and ‘Miracle Metal’ are commingled sound collages that exhilarate the other tenacious guitar hooks, quivering bass lines, passionate vocals, and atrabilious, fast-paced drums.

Songs like ‘Say A Few’ gives light to a great tandem of beach boy, Indie-Rock seaside vibes meeting high-voltage energy. Fervid vocals parade on the limber-tempo groove ‘Maybe’ as the heavy drums are the most efficacious of the instrumental. ‘Statue of Limitations’ comes on strong with a rhetorical question: ‘Suppose, if I could rescue me from my mistakes?’ as the track stands on vocals about misery, fear, and more cavorting over a chord-powered tune.

The Thirds close their new project with their debut single ‘Antimatter’. The track released on May 25 and it gives just some insight to the band’s bustling yet melodic prowess. Keeping a sound attributable to the Indie-Rock, Pseudo-Punk, alternative core family, the stimulating jams, sound amalgamations, and the enthusiastically rousing project is undoubtedly worth a listen.

Written by Manny King John


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