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THINKX Again: Leak-Proof Panties, Honestly Reviewed

I’ve heard of menstrual cups. I’ve even heard of using an old, clean sock. I must say, when it comes to unconventional methods to deal with periods, leak-proof panties take the cake. A mixture of sisters and friends, partners Radha Agrawal, Miki Agrawal and Antonia Dunbar have created a set of panties that can hold the equivalent of one regular pad called THINKX. According to Elite Daily, the machine-washable undies come in three different varieties (Hip-hugger, thong, and cheeky) and range from $24-$34. That sounds like an expensive pad, if you ask me.



It’s not like a $40 menstrual cup that you can reuse on the spot; now that’s an investment. There are so many problems I can see myself running into from using these undies: What happenes when the pad’s full? Do I put a regular pad on top? Will it even stick because the underwear will be wet? Will the pad put pressure on the undies and make the unleakable, leak? How the hell can cheeky undies and less save me from using any other menstrual products and not leak?



As a woman, I do not co-sign this new “advancement” in feminine products, at all. I stopped using pads for this same reason; I’m not trying to sit in a mess. Give me a tampon (I’d prefer if you’d me a menstrual cup), but do not give me some damn leak-proof panties. No, no, and hell no. They got the nerve to have a lace thong. Lace? THINKX, I think not. Would you give these new menstrual panties a go?




Written by Manny King John

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