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The Shit Show Review

The Shit Show, shitting on you and yours

You can thank the great folks at Getty Images for this one. Here's The Shit Show Review:

Bonnie Strange

On July 2nd, 2013 in Berlin, Germany, Designer Bonnie Strange premiered her Spring / Summer 2014 Collection at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week and show attendees were deliberately treated to more skin than actual fabric, workmanship and details. Lately, top brands have also teased us with sheer accents and cut-out details but The Shit has told us all “to go hard or go home” in full on in-your-face-fashion. It showcases the “strange” that is the designer’s namesake. Models strutted the runway stone-faced in sloppily beat faces, wearing see-through polyurethane trench coats, skirts and bikini tops. It would seem that this collection is focused on jaw-dropping antics, and gasps from the audience. The drastic nudity was provocative and cutting-edge. However, with attributes such as black tape to cover private parts, high slits, pink feather trim, faux fur sleeves, PVC, cow print, and wide logo elastic thong undergarments, it wasn’t hard to understand the designer’s inspiration to rebel against the machine and, the elitism, that is the fashion industry.

The Shit Show

Why flirt with nudity when you can just get naked?

Successfully, Strange put together a runway collection that would make most design houses aghast at the final product. Nonetheless, the desginer beams during the show as seen in images. Perhaps, her joy was a slap in the face to many. Although, the items seemed tacky and scarcely thought-out at best, it premiered on the runway and definitely made an impact. Among some of the cutest items were the PVC jacket and circle mini skirt with the well placed pink floral appliqués and the printed floral tee. The looks were finished with basic white or striped calve or knee-high athletic socks worn with Nike Air force 1 sneakers. Like everyone else, we enjoyed the eye-catching show of skin, but missed the lack of “fashion” and it’s “tasteful” companion.


Once the weather permits, we believe skin and plastic are two things we will see more of next year. The plastic pieces are ridiculously versatile and I can see them complementing various settings. For example, I can see them as a not-so-demure beach accessory or cover up, worn at a dramatic nightlife event, theatrical show, or as costuming for Halloween. In my opinion, the floral applique pieces are more of the RTW variety. I can see these pieces paired and accessoriezed for a mainstream and street-savy consumer. In conclusion, fashion is about pushing the envelope. Kudos to Bonnie Strange for her courage to show skin without sin!


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