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The Mugshot: Arrest #4


Kim, you have the right to remain stylish. You cute thing, you. En route a meeting yesterday, our Editor spotted Kim walking across the street and felt compelled to make an arrest. We seriously doubt this fashionable little angel will make bail.

What makes our style watch different?

Our subjects pose in three different ways to help us to create their very own GrungeCake Mugshots.

Name: Kim
Brands: Hat (KENZO), Skirt and Shoes (Madonna’s Closet)
Location: Midtown Manhattan (W. 36th Street)

The Mugshot is a new style watch column focusing on well-dressed everyday people from the cities we frequent. Images: (c) Richardine Bartee (iPhone)

Language Arts: Jackie Pearce, Copywriter

Interview: InFiction, Quite Infectious